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Most Popular Courses


TSSA approved training for the CH1 and CH2.


Theoretical and practical knowledge for working safely when exposed to a risk of fall.


OHSA+CSA based program


Joint Health and Safety Course


A leading cause of traumatic fatalities and injuries


Safe practices and procedures exposed to risks of fall

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COR™ 2020 Certification Support

Getting a COR™  2020 certification is time consuming, costly, and a drain on resources. Focus on what you do best and let our experienced professionals handle the rest.

We can help

STS Group employs expert COR™ 2020 consultants who can help you transition, build, and maintain your COR™ 2020 certification. 

We work with your internal resources to develop a custom fit solution. Whether you have an already established health and safety management system, or are starting from scratch, we will support you in achieving your COR™ 2020 goals and objectives. 

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is an internationally recognized health & safety management system that establishes a culture of compliance. 

Benefits of Implementation

  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • Reduce workplace incidents and accidents
  • Reduce insurance premiums and legal costs
  • Encourage a safety-first organizational culture
  • Compete for projects requiring a health and safety management system

Are you interested in taking your health and safety to the next level? 

Machine Guarding

Need guidance on operator safety from a professional? Are you interested in benefiting from a machine guarding assessment?

We can help!

STS Group will perform baseline guarding assessments to determine whether your machine, equipment, and processes comply with legislation and regulations. 

We will conduct a high-level safety guarding assessment to identify the risk factors. Our specialists will provide you with the most cost-effective control measure based on the severity, exposure, and avoidance factors. 

A safeguarding action plan will be developed along with documentation that outlines hazards, risks, and safeguarding controls.

Site/Workplace Inspection

Benefits of Workplace Inspection

Accidents rarely have a single root cause. There are several leading indicators. Workplace inspection helps us understand these leading indicators, allowing us to take corrective action and minimize risk – therefore preventing accidents.

Workplaces that routinely perform inspections enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compliance with legislation
  • Real-time identification of workplace hazards
  • Accident and injury prevention
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs

Risk Assessment

Our Service

Frequent and effective risk assessments are crucial in proactively preventing workplace incidents and accidents. They help you understand the leading factors that can be used to improve your workplace health and safety program.

Performing an internal assessment is time-consuming, costly, and requires worker training. It also requires you to have a deep understanding of the OHSA, relevant laws, codes, and standards.


Health & Safety Policy Writing

Our Service

Health and safety (H&S) policies are a core component of all H&S programs. They instill confidence in your workers that you care about their safety. It reflects your business’s commitment to protecting workers from injury and illnesses.

Implementing an effective health and safety policy is a time-consuming process that requires subject-matter expertise. Your policy must be vague yet clear and concise while maintaining a positive tone. 

It’s difficult to articulate your ideas into a policy restrained by rigid guidelines.

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