Risk Assessments

Prevention is the best form of protection

Our Service

Frequent and effective risk assessments are crucial in proactively preventing workplace incidents and accidents. They help you understand the leading factors that can be used to improve your workplace health and safety program.

Performing an internal assessment is time-consuming, costly, and requires worker training. It also requires you to have a deep understanding of the OH&S Act, relevant laws, codes, and standards.

We Can help!

We take the cost and headache away while delivering a clear and simplified solution. 

STS Group employs qualified professionals who have extensive experience performing risk assessments. Our expertise extends to all types of establishments like construction sites, health care, transportation, aviation, and many more.

By detecting leading indicators, we will help you minimize the risk of worker injuries and illnesses. We will comprehensively assess your workplace for hazards and provide control recommendations that are budget-friendly and customized to your business.  

Your Benefits

  • Compliance with OH&S Act regulations
  • Reduced workplace accidents
  • Maximizes operational efficiency
  • Minimize legal liability



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