Machine Guarding

Reduce risk by implementing result-driven safety measures


Need guidance on operator safety from a professional? Are you interested in benefiting from a machine guarding assessment?

We can help!

STS Group will perform baseline guarding assessments to determine whether your machine, equipment, and processes comply with legislation and regulations. 

We will conduct a high-level safety guarding assessment to identify the risk factors. Our specialists will provide you with the most cost-effective control measure based on the severity, exposure, and avoidance factors. 

A safeguarding action plan will be developed along with documentation that outlines hazards, risks, and safeguarding controls.

Other Services:

Your Benefits

  • Compliance with the OH&S Act and Ont. Reg. 851 – Industrial Establishment (Section 7)
  • Understanding risk factors and how they influence control measures
  • An in-depth understanding of your machinery’s safety risks
  • A reduction in insurance premiums and claims for lost time
  • Budget-friendly and business-specific recommendations
  • An improved safety record for workers
  • Avoid costly shutdowns of machinery

Let us train you

Safeguard machinery by educating your staff about the applicable regulations and work practices.