Site & Workplace Safety Inspection

If you’re not doing effective and comprehensive workplace inspections, you’ll be dedicating time to performing accident investigations.

Be Proactive, NOT Reactive

Benefits of Workplace Inspection

Accidents rarely have a single root cause. There are several leading indicators. Workplace inspection helps us understand these leading indicators, allowing us to take corrective action and minimize risk – therefore preventing accidents.

Workplaces that routinely perform inspections enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compliance with legislation
  • Real-time identification of workplace hazards
  • Accident and injury prevention
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs

We can help

STS Group’s professionally trained specialists will inspect your site while recording observations and recommendations for the final report. This will help you stay compliant with legislation and keep your workplace safe.

A typical inspection includes (but is not limited to):

  • Surprise/scheduled inspections
  • Walk-through of the worksite
  • Recommendations with a plan of action 
  • Regulatory observations with references

Why choose us?

  • Accountability – Dedicated to improving your workplace safety
  • Reduced Legal Liability – Written records for all inspections
  • Industry Knowledge – Deep experience and understanding of H&S regulations
  • Unbiased – Workers are more willing to discuss their issues with a third party 
  • Cost-Effective – Workers can focus on their jobs while we work on keeping them safe

Workplace Inspection – Training Course

Are your supervisors sufficiently trained? 

Supervisors must be “competent”. In construction sites, their responsibility is to inspect the workplace at least once a week.

Sign up for a workplace inspection training class by sending us an inquiry.

Struggling to investigate an accident?

Our tried-and-true investigative methods will quickly discover the root cause and deliver effective advice tailored to your company’s needs. Having a third-party impartial opinion can help you enhance your health and safety program.