Health and Safety Policy Writing

Make your vision a reality

Our Service

Health and safety (H&S) policies are a core component of all H&S programs. They instill confidence in your workers that you care about their safety. It reflects your business’s commitment to protecting workers from injury and illnesses.

Implementing an effective health and safety policy is a time-consuming process that requires subject-matter expertise. Your policy must be vague yet clear and concise while maintaining a positive tone. 

It’s difficult to articulate your ideas into a policy restrained by rigid guidelines.

We can help!

STS Group is backed by over 30 years of experience in health and safety consulting. 

We will provide professional guidance on crafting an effective H&S policy personalized to your business. Our experts can also review, edit, and update your policies to match current business practices and regulations.

But our job doesn’t end there!

We will help to implement your policies and evaluate their effectiveness. Our satisfaction comes from creating a policy that reflects your vision.

Your Benefits

  • Minimize legal liability
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reduce decision-making bias
  • Clarify objectives and responsibilities
  • Promote a safe and healthy working environment



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