Health & Safety Excellence Program

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Welcome to STS Group’s WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program (HESp)

At STS Group, we understand the importance of workplace safety and are committed to helping businesses create safer environments for their employees. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEp) – a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable solution designed to reduce workplace accidents and foster a strong safety culture.

About the Health and Safety Excellence Program

The Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp) helps to create a safer workplace by reducing workplace accidents.
Our HSEp provides a clear roadmap for improving workplace safety, regardless of whether you’re just starting your health and safety journey or seeking to optimize existing processes. With 36 health and safety topics spread across three levels – foundation, intermediate, and advanced – the program ensures a structured approach tailored to your business’s unique needs. Businesses that can implement all program topics will benefit from lower workplace injury and illness rates and reduced WSIB premiums.

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Why Choose STS?

STS Group is a full-service Workplace Health and Safety Training & Consulting Company.

Intelligent, creative, and passionate people are the heart of our company.

Discover our custom-tailored solutions that empower you to achieve your goals.

We synergize with your vision to realize your business potential. Experience a truly unique support system that helps you every step of the way.

HSEp Benefits

Professional coaching
✓ Continuous support
✓ Assistance navigating the WSIB platform
✓ One-on-One guidance (on-site/virtual)
✓ Exclusive STS Group HSEp member resources
✓ 12 meetings per year (monthly review of items)
✓ Updates on MOL and WSIB issues
✓ Networking/Conference calls/webinars
✓ Orientation sessions
✓ Review topics for alignment with program guidelines
✓ Site visits to prepare for desk and onsite validation
✓ Community website/discussion forums
✓ Assistance with writing policies & procedures

Why Join?

Earn Rebates

Reduced Premiums

Earn Recognition

Networking Opportunities

Professional Advice

Healthier Workplace


Large Businesses:
100+ employees

Registration Fee:

Small Business Initiative:
99 or fewer workers

Registration Fee:

Upon registration, you will receive the following benefits:

An initial assessment of the current state of your on-site health and safety program
✓ Access to templates for topics selected
✓ 1-hour virtual consultation per topic
✓ Unlimited telephone support for selected elements
✓ Monthly health and safety webinars
✓ STS Group HSEp group forum
✓ Networking Opportunities
✓ Review of element completion submission to the WSIB
✓ Review and approval of action plan within 90 days
✓ Evidence package will be reviewed before submissions to ensure it meets WSIB guidelines


Rebates are calculated depending on the amount of topics completed and the amount of
WSIB premiums paid for the previous year. Businesses can complete up to five topics in
their health and safety action plan and receive at least $1,000 per completed topic.

Large Businesses (100+ employees)

Maximum Rebate

The minimum a business can earn is $1,000 per topic or $5,000 if five topics are completed.

Maximum Rebate

The maximum a business can earn is $50,000 per topic or $250,000 if five topics are completed.

Small Businesses (1-99 employees)

Small businesses can earn double the health and safety rebates, plus $1,000 for their health and safety plan.

If a smaller business is eligible for $1,000 per topic and completes 5 topics, the maximum they can earn is $2,000 per topic or $10,000 if five topics are completed. With the additional $1,000 for their health and safety plan, they would earn a total of $11,000.