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Companies that successfully participate in the program can
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HESp Application Form

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Pricing is determined by each individual WSIB account number. For every WSIB account number, please submit a separate application. The registration fees correspond to the total premiums a firm paid in the previous year. Ensure that you select the suitable fee category, which corresponds to your past premium payments.
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Upon receipt, STS Group will thoroughly review all applications, and you will be informed once your application is approved. Please note that fees are non-refundable after the activation of the WSIB digital platform, in cases where a company decides to withdraw from the program, or if a company is removed due to non-compliance with the code of conduct or WSIB employer guidelines. Companies that exit or are removed from the program will not receive any recognition.

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Included in Your Registration Fee

– Orientation meetings and topic sessions led by health and safety professionals
– One-on-one support from an STS Group representative throughout the program cycle
– Access to a members-only website featuring various tools and resources
– Review of action plan evidence prior to WSIB validation
– Excellence program members and their employees are eligible for a 10% discount on selected courses, conferences, workshops, and consulting services

Terms and Conditions of Participation

– Employers must submit a completed application to STS Group to be registered in the Excellence program.
– Employers can only register with one Program Provider and cannot switch during their Excellence program cycle unless approved by WSIB.
– Employers applying to participate in the Excellence program must have an active account in good standing with WSIB. An employer experiencing a traumatic fatality will be disqualified during that cycle from participating in the rebate.
– Members who leave the program cycle will not receive a refund on their registration.
– Employers must maintain regular contact with STS Group. Any change in the employer’s point of contact must be communicated to STS Group.
– It is highly recommended that employers complete a program orientation session (virtual/live).
– Employers are responsible for their success in the program. STS Group will provide support, coaching, and health and safety guidance.
– Employers participating in the Excellence program are required to select up to five topics from the available options set out by WSIB.
– Employers must submit their topic action plan to STS Group within 60 calendar days of accessing the WSIB digital portal.
– Employers are required to submit evidence demonstrating the implementation of their chosen topic(s) within 11 months of submitting the action plan or earlier.
– Employers will only be validated on topics where evidence has been submitted. If topic(s) are deferred, the employer must notify STS Group.
– WSIB will review all evidence submitted by the employer, and some employers may be selected for an on-site validation. If selected, employers must allow WSIB access to all locations under the account number.
– An employer who declines to participate in an on-site validation will not receive any recognition, financial or non-financial.
– Both Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 firms can participate; however, financial rebates are available for Schedule 1 employers only. Schedule 2 employers are eligible for non-financial rewards.
– Employers are encouraged to participate in networking activities with other members. As part of group networking opportunities, a member’s contact name and email, along with their selected topics, may be posted on the STS Group Member Community Site.
– Employers and their employees may be asked to participate in questionnaires or surveys as part of the ongoing Health and Safety Excellence program evaluation.
– Employers are required to ensure a safe and healthy working relationship when working with STS Group.
– Employers are required to adhere to the Excellence program requirements as outlined in the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program requirements.
– Employers must inform STS Group if the business is sold, transferred, amalgamated, merged, closed, or undergoes a change in ownership or discontinuation during program participation.