Workplace Incident/Accident Investigation


A thorough investigation of a workplace incident/accident is essential not only to find out the root cause of the incident, but also to prevent injuries and illnesses in the future. However, an internal investigator of the workplace such as supervisor or health and safety representative, may not be objective or have  sufficient knowledge or tools to unravel complicated and interrelated factors. The STS Group technical experts include out in house engineer, former MOL inspectors, program auditors, and health and safety professionals. Each with a unique skillset to drill down to the primary and secondary underlying causes of the incident/accident. The final report will include recommendations, which when implemented will reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

STS Workplace Incident/Accident

Investigation Service

With over 30 years’ experience assisting clients to prevent workplace incident/accident, STS Group’s professionally trained incident investigators will use their knowledge and specialized investigation techniques to identify root causes as well as all contributing factors that have led to the incident/accident in the workplace, in a timely and efficient manner. STS Group will provide to the employer a detailed investigation report, and come up with a customizable action plan to help the employer to prevent accident in the future, and to elevate the workplace safety culture.