​Chainsaw Awareness Training

The Chainsaw Safety Course will help you to understand fundamental of safe chainsaw operation and support compliance for construction and forestry operations.


Chainsaws if used incorrectly, can be one of the most dangerous tool at worksite. Unsafe, incorrect or careless operation of a chainsaw can result in serious injuries to both the operator and others nearby.

This STS Group’s Chainsaw Safety training program is designed to provide the user with knowledge of the hazards associated with chainsaw use, chainsaw safety features, the use of proper personal protective equipment and safe operating techniques and procedures.


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Chainsaw Training

Chainsaw Training
Course Duration:  (4Hours)
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What You'll Learn
Who Attends?
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What You’ll Learn

Chainsaw safety course will help you to understand how to safely operate a chainsaw and support compliance for the tool. The chainsaw operators will learn both how to handle a chainsaw and understand the chainsaw’s hazards and limits to keep them and others safe.

Who Should Attend?

Construction and Forestry workers such as loggers, fallers, buckers, limbers, choppers, landing chasers, logging operators, customized wood shoring, employers, and others who use chainsaws as part of their operation.


Topics included but not limited to:

  • Common hazards and protection measures
  • Starting the saw while it is safely on the ground
  • Forces – Pull, Push and Kickback
  • Vibrations, Noise
  • Flying debris
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment requirements
  • Preparing and maintaining the saw
  • Operating the saw
  • Transporting and storing the saw
  • Storing the saw
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Parts of the chainsaw
  • Saw maintenance and sharpening
  • Effective tree-cutting techniques, including notching and cutting, limbing and bucking, with a strong emphasis on safety
  • Forestry danger zones and hazardous trees
  • Proper stance
  • Operator fatigue
  • Fueling

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On a successful Written and Practical Assessment, the participant will be provided with a Wallet Card with a validity of 3 years.