Fire Extinguisher Training

STS Group’s Fire Extinguisher Training teaches all participants the basic information about fighting fires with fire extinguishers.


Our Fire Extinguisher Training Program is designed to inform, demonstrate and provide confidence to employees in the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Fire Extinguisher Training program combines both theory and practical hands-on demonstration and is designed for office, industrial and construction sectors.


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What You'll Learn
Who Attends?
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What You’ll Learn

Participants will learn what are the fundamental characteristics of a fire, provide practical training in the use a extinguisher to put out a live fire, and identify when it is time to leave the fire to the professionals.

Who Should Attend?

Owners, Employees, Supervisors, Emergency Response Team Member


Topics included but not limited to:

  • Knowledge of the three elements of fire
  • Recognition of the classifications of fire
  • Review portable fire extinguisher ratings, uses, and methods of operation
  • Understand the PASS method
  • Review portable fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection processes

Fire Extinguisher Practical

Simulation of real fire situations for practice in extinguishing A, B and C type fires.

  • “Hands-on” experience of a real fire situation in a controlled environment
  • Practice the proper and most effective use of the portable fire extinguisher
  • Our automated demonstration system allows the trainee to ‘get it right’

Delivery Options



On a successful Written and Practical Assessment, the participant will be provided with a Wallet Card and a Certificate valid for 3 years.