JHSC Part 2 Workplace-Specific Hazard Training Certification 2016

  • LocationClient Location or STS Group Location
  • Class SizeMinimum 6 - Maximum 25
  • Duration2 Days (16 Hours)


Course curriculum is based on the employer\’s risk assessment for workplace hazards classified as high risk.

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Target Audience: Managers, Workers, and Members of Company JHSC

Legislation: The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, CSA standards

Course Overview: Course curriculum is based on the employers risk assessment for workplace hazards classified as high risk. Typical topics include Harassment and Violence, Lock out/Tag out, Forklifts, Working in Heat, Ergonomics, Working at Heights, etc. This program teaches participants to apply the R.A.C.E. methodology to workplace health and safety priories, and successfully work through such priorities through to successful implementation.

Starting March 01, 2016, the Ontario MOL must have approved Part 2 JHSC Workplace-Specific Hazard training program in order for the program to be recognized. This is required for JHSC members and is useful for supervisors to prove competence in their position. Training must be industry/site specific. STS Group has developed specific programs for Health Care, Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Construction clients.

Training Topics:

  • Hazard Assessment: Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluate Hazards
  • Hazard Management Tool
  • Provincial Hazard Priorities
  • Workplace Hazards and Prevention of Re-occurrence
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Action Plans and Recommendations

Prerequisites: JHSC Part 1 Basic Certification is required

Evaluation: Written and practical assessment

Certification: JHSC Certified Member Wallet Card