OTM Book 7 Traffic Control Training

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Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 Temporary Conditions (O.T.M.BK-7-01)
Course Duration: 8:00 AM-2:00 PM (6Hours)
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This course is designed to provide participants with the best practice and standardized requirements for traffic control. This includes roadway or utility activities and maintenance operations on or adjacent to public highways, including ramps, municipal roads, streets, sidewalks, bike lanes as well as other public ways to which road traffic has access. It is based on the Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) April 2022 Edition.

Participants will be trained to apply judicious care, and the requirement of exercising good judgement related to safe worksite setup, maintenance and removal of signs devices and markings. This training will additionally teach participants on how to prepare a transportation management plan, including but not limited to: Traffic Control Plan, Traffic Protection Plan, Communications Plan, Emergency Response Plan, etc. and also includes the completion of an effective site risk assessment as well as the preparation of a submission to the road authority.

What You’ll Learn:

1. An Introduction to Book 7: Understand the fundamentals of traffic control in temporary conditions.
2. Legislation: Learn about the laws and regulations governing safety in construction and maintenance operations.
3. Temporary Work Zones: Explore various work zones and their requirements.
4. Roadway Environments: Understand the different environments you may encounter.
5. Configurations for Temporary Conditions: Get insights into setting up temporary conditions.
6. Component Areas: Learn about the various elements that make up a temporary work zone.
7. Road User Considerations: Discover how to ensure safety for all road users.
8. Traffic Control Devices: Understand the use of devices for effective traffic control.
9. Signage: Learn how to properly use signs to convey important information.
10. Traffic Control Persons: Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of traffic control personnel.
11. Implementation of Traffic Control: Learn how to effectively implement traffic control measures.
12. Set Up and Removal of Temporary Conditions: Master the process of setting up and dismantling temporary work zones.

Participant Evaluation:

Participants will be evaluated through class participation/discussion and a final written evaluation throughout the course. The written assessment is conducted at the end of the course; to be successful, participants must score at least 75%.