RE-O Propane Safety Training Course

STS Group Inc. is a TSSA approved training provider for the RE-O Roofing Equipment Operator Certificate. This training program is designed to provide all participants with a level of knowledge and experience that meets TSSA standards. It will help ensure participants can safely operate a tar or bitumen roofing kettle.


This program covers the specific hazards related to propane used in roofing applications. It provides participants with information on how to safely connect, disconnect, and activate propane torches and kettles in accordance with Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) requirements.

What You'll Learn

Participants will learn how to effectively fulfil their role as a supervisor under applicable provincial or federal legislation. This program will teach supervisors to manage health and safety in the workplace and provide the tools needed to meet their health and safety responsibilities. They will learn how safety, when managed properly, helps increase construction and contractor efficiency.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone operating propane fueled tar or bitumen kettle is required by law to complete authorized propane safety training and is required to hold a certificate or ROT (Record of Training).


Topics included but not limited to:

Connection & Use of the tar kettle

Activating, Connecting and Disconnecting Propane burners from Piping, Tubing or a Propane Cylinder.

Propane Cylinder Handling & Exchange

Participants will gain an understanding of the various types and sizes of propane cylinders; receiving and storage of cylinders at the construction site; transporting cylinders around the construction site; and regulatory requirements of cylinder use.

Delivery Options

In-class or Blended (Online + In-class)


On a successful Written and Practical Assessment, the participant will be provided with a Wallet Card and a Certificate.

We Are Fully Certified


STS Group is a Full Service Workplace Health and Safety Training & Consulting Company, providing occupational health and safety training and consulting services for various industries at affordable prices since 1992.


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