Working at Heights (WAH)

STS Group’s CPO approved Working at Heights training program delivers mandatory baseline training which is mandatory for all workers who work on construction sites and are exposed to risks of fall.

The employer or supervisor is required to provide specific training on the types of equipment used on site. STS Group also offers fall protection training specific to equipment and according to workers’ needs.

STS Group’s approved training program provides workers with the required knowledge for working at heights safely. Students will obtain hands-on use in connecting different types of fall protection equipment and inspecting the components of selected fall protection equipment.

This course also addresses safe practices and procedures as specified in Construction Regulation by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Who needs this training?

The Fall Protection certification is a legal requirement for workers who must conduct their activities at any height. Many job candidates take it upon themselves to complete the certification before an interview, as a way to increase their odds of getting hired. Meanwhile, current employees must regularly undergo this training program to maintain their safety in the workplace.

Course Outline:

Part One: Basic Theory

  • Introduction to Working at Heights
  • Rights and Responsibilities (OHSA)
  • Fall Hazard Identification and Controls
  • Warning Methods and Physical Barriers
  • Ladders and Similar Equipment
  • Introduction to Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Part Two: Practical Equipment

  • Introduction to Personal Fall Protection Systems
    1. Travel Restraint System
    2. Fall Restricting System
    3. Fall Arrest System
  • Understanding the Components of Personal Fall Protection Systems
    1. The Anchor Point
    2. Full Body Harness
    3. Connecting Lanyard and Lifeline
    4. Shock Absorber
    5. Locking Snap Hook and Carabiner
  • Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Components
  • Connecting Personal Fall Protection Systems
  • Rescue Plan

Duration: 8 hours

We Are Fully Certified


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