Safety Guidelines for the Film and Television Industry in Ontario

STS Group is approved by the Ontario Chief Prevention Officer.

Safety in the movie/film and tv universe is distinct and always safety-oriented, and checklists are more than a piece of paper. A safety incident on the spot can mean more than a retake; it can cause huge dollars lost and down time.

Insurance may help to cover a certain part of the cost of damage or provide compensation in the case of any injury or worse. Insurance does not stop these things from occurring, it only deals with the aftermath of an accident. The best approach is to prevent these situations from happening in the first place. By having proper Health and Safety procedures in place for the company to keep everyone at work safe.


There are two key documents that a production company should always have place before production starts. One is their Health & Safety Policy which lays out the company approach to Health and Safety protocol. The other is Risk Assessment which may be created for each scene, location, day, week, block or even a whole shoot depending on the timings and complexities involved.

What is the difference between a hazard and a risk?
There are a few keywords that get used a great deal in Health and Safety planning. So before starting, it is important to know what they mean.

Hazard Refers to the potential for harm. Can also be the potential for mental or psychological harm.
Risk The chance of that harm happening. How likely is it that someone could get hurt or something get damaged?
Controls Taking precautions to reduce or ideally remove the risk. There are a variety of ways to reduce risks by implementing measures to control the hazard or protect the personnel and/or environment near it.
Practicable Taking precautions that are possible, as well as suitable or rational, given the situation. Have you got the time / budget / resources to implement the above controls?
Due Diligence Where employers, contractors and individuals take all reasonable precautions, under the circumstances, to prevent incidents in the workplace. Evaluating the above controls, deciding which ones are practicable and implementing them.


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