Working at Heights Refresher Training (English)

  • LocationButtonville Municipal Airport 2833 16th Avenue, Markham, Ontario. L3R-0P8
  • Class Size12
  • Duration4 Hours


This training program is for workers who have taken a working at heights class and who are in possession of a current training record.

Proof of training must be presented prior to the start of a class.

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This training program is approved by the Chief Prevention Officer by the authority granted under Section 7.1(2) and 7.2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This program is specifically designed for workers engaged in construction, and who, on the course of their employment may be exposed to falling.

This engaging, interactive training session is designed with the Adult learner in mind.

This class is available in English and Mandarin

  • Legislation,
    • Workplace specific training requirements
  • Working  on ladders,
  • Fall protection systems,
    • Choosing the one that best suits the situation,
  • Fall Risk Assessment,
  • Practical fit, assembly and use of the various fall protection systems; and,
  • Emergency rescue plan.

Each participant is required to demonstrate practical competency throughout the entire class. A written multiple choice and true false written evaluation is conducted at the end of the class

Each participant will receive a wallet certificate of successful completion following the class, and the Ontario Ministry of Labour will send a secondary certificate following the training. Either certificate is acceptable of proof of successful completion.

Validity period is 3 years

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