Propane Construction Heaters Safety Training

  • Location Client Location
  • Class Size Minimum 5
  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Price: $125.00 + HST per person
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Legislation: Ontario Regulation 211/01 S. 6(1) and S. 6(2), Ontario Regulation 440/08 S.4

Course Overview: STS Group is a TSSA Aproved training provider for the CH2 (Construction heater training program). This training program is designed to provide all participants with a level of knowledge and experience that meets TSSA standards. It will help ensure participants can safely activate, connect and disconnect propane torches, heaters and other propane fuelled appliances. S. 6(1) No person shall handle propane unless the person is the holder of a certificate or ROT (Records of Training) for that purpose. S. 6(2) Any person who is required to hold a certificate or ROT under this Regulation shall produce it on demand of the director, an inspector, or any other person. O. Reg. 440/08, s. 4. Under Section 26(1)(k)(l) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, an employer is required to “where so prescribed, provide a worker with written instructions as to the measures and procedures to be taken for the protection of a worker; and carry out such training programs for workers, supervisors and committee members as may be prescribed.

Training Topics:

  • Activating, Connecting and Disconnecting Propane Heaters that are less than 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) from Piping, Tubing or a Propane Cylinder
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Hazard Assessment

Prerequisites: None

Certification: Upon successful completion of the evaluation participants will receive wallet card and record of training.

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